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If I fave it, I love it.


I love how you did the shading and highlights on her body, it really looks beautiful! Also the anatomy and the pose look really good. B...

I really love the make-up! The white skin and the yellowish teeth look great and the black colour around your eyes and mouth makes your...




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There will always be somebody who doesn't like the way you are/look/talk/dress/etc. ...if not, you're just boring.

I'm a make-up artist and hobby photographer.
My favourite genre is (obvisously) horror and macabre stuff.

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Something short to read.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 8:19 AM
I haven't featured anything for a while... and because I really like DarkDistractions's storis, I thought I'd feature three of them.
Read them, they're great!

By Casey Douglass
‘Living the way I live gives me the opportunity to see the world in a different way.’
‘How so?’
‘I live without limits and this gives me a freedom that others can’t imagine!’
‘And so you help them to see things your way?’
‘Yes! How could someone walking past a prison full of innocent people not feel the need to intervene on their behalf?’
‘The people you help are imprisoned?’
‘You all are! I can see it as plain as the pen in your hand!’
‘What do you see?’
‘It’s hard to explain without being able to show you.’
‘We both know that’s not going to happen.’
‘How can I put it...You have seen those plasma balls that gadget shops sell? The ones you hold your hand to and watch the miniature lightning dancing around your fingers?’
‘Yes I know the ones.’
‘People look like that to me! Yes that’s q
By Casey Douglass
The little girl floats through the air, the tassels on her mittens knocking against the undersides of her forearms. It is like some graceful slow motion replay of an Olympic swimmer beginning their dive.
Her face is still smiling, her tongue protruding from pale little lips, her eyes a sparkle. She is enjoying it!
She reaches the apex of her flight and then begins to dip, the expression on her face creaking into a rictus of terror. Now she is scared. Down she falls, lower and lower. In mere moments, she is beneath the level at which I myself am standing, a cacophony of noise billowing out behind me.
A deep booming rumble percusses her landing, but it is not her that causes it. The train rounds the bend, the noise of lots of tiny metal wheels rat-a-clatting rat-a-clatting as it draws into the station.
A scream sounds to my right, punching through my time dilation. I am about to turn but pins and needles draw my attention to my right arm. I gaze alon
Patch DayPatch Day
By Casey Douglass
The small icon popped its colourful face above the taskbar and exclaimed in a long white balloon “One Update is Available!”
No one was there to see it.
A few days later the icon blinked into existence once more, flashing and teaming up with part of the sound subsystem to deliver a friendly little chiming noise.
“Six Updates are Available!”
No one cared.
Weeks later it bribed the graphics card to only show its own message until it was acted upon, the screen falling to darkness around its bubble that covered most of the screen.
“21 Updates are Available!”
Someone noticed.
A month later, the icon displayed its message, a strange ghostly feeling of familiarity crossing its mind. It couldn’t remember doing this before but it just felt so habitual, so natural.
“2 Updates Available!”
A small sticker was pressed neatly on to the PC tower by a cigarette stained hand.
PC wiped and restored from Image 20140101. Pass


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My birthday: February 15th :D


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PHEROMONECVLT Mar 6, 2014  New member Student Photographer
Thank you so much for the favouirte. :)
DraculeaRiccy Mar 7, 2014  Professional
you're welcome :)
arguspargus Feb 18, 2014  New member Professional Artist
wow! cool! thank you!! xox
DraculeaRiccy Feb 19, 2014  Professional
welcome :aww:
gabrielsangel Feb 15, 2014  Student Artist
Happy Happy birthday to you!
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